Introducing Kate!

Week in week out our patients undergo a wide variety of operations in our bespoke local anaesthetic operating theatre in the clinic. Whilst our Consultant Plastic Surgeons are the ones performing the procedures themselves (from local anaesthetic facelifts to mole removal, and liposuction to lip lifts), they could not do it alone. The theatre team is there to support them, including clinical and non-clinical members.

One of the linchpins of the theatre team is Kate, a highly qualified theatre sister, who has worked with our surgeons for years. She is a fully qualified 1st surgical assistant, as well as being a scrub nurse and has even been an operating theatre manager in the past. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team, which helps and supports our surgeons, as well as bringing innovative ideas to help continue to improve how we do things.

If you are having a surgical procedure at Purity Bridge, there is a high chance Kate will be involved too. She will give you a warm, friendly welcome, and put you at ease throughout.

Purity Bridge Team