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Facial Thread Vein Treatment

Thread veins commonly appear on the face, whether it is on the nose, the cheeks or elsewhere. Many people find them unsightly and annoying, so fortunately there is a simple and effective way of treating them. Thermavein treatment is an ingenious technique that removes thread veins (spider veins) and is particularly effective on the face.

The treatment (Thermavein) takes around 15-minutes and involves a tine (hair-like) needle being inserted into each thread vein being treated. The practitioner wears high powered magnifying glasses to enable the veins to be clearly visualised. The machine then delivers a microwave pulse that causes thermal damage to the vein, resulting in it disappearing for good.

Thermavein treatment can completely treat facial thread veins and once treated, the treated vein should not come back. It is a quick and very effective treatment that does not take much time to perform and you can literally go back to work after the treatment is complete.

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16, June, 2015Purity Bridge Team

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