Do your facial thread veins bother you? Valentines Day treatment offer…

With Valentines Day arriving soon, red is a colour we start to see everywhere…but sometimes we see it in areas we don’t want to. Thread veins (spider veins) can give a permanent redness to cheeks, and can appear elsewhere on the face, such as the nose and chin. Things can be even worse when people seem to look at them or comment on them.

What can be done? At Purity Bridge we use Thermavein, technology that uses a tiny hair-like needle that is carefully inserted into each tiny thread vein and heats it up, making it disappear. Once gone, the same thread vein will not come back. Thermavein is incredibly effective and won’t break the bank in the way some laser treatments can. In celebration of Valentines day we are reducing our prices by 20% for the month of February if you book now! Call 01892 536 960 or email

Purity Bridge Team