A great team day out at CCR Expo 2014!

CCR-Expo report – inc. MDP approach – aesthetic polyclinic

On 10th and 11th October the Purity Bridge team went to the CCR Expo at Kensington Olympia in London. This is a large annual conference combining cosmetic & reconstructive surgery with cosmetic medicine, all under one roof. There is also a large industry exhibition, demonstrations and masterclasses.

For our new clinic manager Sarona, this was her first time at an event like this. It was the perfect opportunity to meet some of the key product distributors who support us at Purity Bridge, providing everything from skincare to surgical instruments to post-surgical garments.

Marc Pacifico has been heavily involved in this year’s CCR Expo, chairing a session on non-surgical body contouring as well as giving a talk himself. The non-surgical body contouring session was particularly timely with the introduction of CoolSculpting at Purity Bridge. The over-riding view was that non-surgical techniques are not a replacement for liposuction, but allow us to offer a full spectrum of treatments – something suitable for every patient.

Marc’s talk was on bridging the divide between plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. Historically the two professions have worked against each other rather than working together. At Purity Bridge we are proud to be an example of how working together allows us to offer patients a more comprehensive and individual treatment portfolio. Our cosmetic doctor, Sophie Shotter, will regularly refer patients to Marc for a surgical opinion. And vice versa Marc will often recommend treatments that Sophie can offer. Marc’s talk provided an insight into how the two can work alongside each other to give our patients more options. Watch Marc delivering his talk here:

Sophie was asked to give a live demonstration about Thermavein on stage on Saturday. This treatment has been very popular at Purity Bridge since Sophie joined us in August, and is the gold-standard for treatment of facial thread veins. There were lots of questions for Sophie from a crowd who were wowed by the instant results they could see on the screen in front of them. See Sophie’s demonstration here:

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