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It’s that Mole checking time of year again – come to our mole-checking evening!

As we come to the end of winter and look forward to spring, it is the time of year many of us become more skin aware, and start to become more conscious of any skin changes. These may be noticing new skin lesions – blemishes, marks, lumps and moles; or realising that existing skin lesions have changed. Existing moles or other skin lesions may have increased in size, changed colour or even start to crust or scab.

It is crucially important not to ignore any of these signs, and to ensure any new skin lesions or changes to existing skin lesions are reviewed by an expert. At Purity Bridge, we are delighted to be the home of 3 skin cancer experts – Jennifer O’Neill, Nora Nugent and Marc Pacifico. The 3 consultant plastic surgeons have treated thousands of skin cancers and other skin lesions between them, and have an eye for picking up problematic skin lesions.

Our specialist plastic surgeons are experts in removing unwanted or worrying skin lesions as comfortably as possible, with meticulous surgery that leaves the most inconspicuous scars possible.

We have organised a free mole and skin checking event for the last 5-years, and this year is no exception. We are delighted to announce that our 2019 mole checking event will be on 23rd April 2019 from 6.30pm.

To book your place, please email or call us on 01892 536 960.

Don’t leave it to chance, come and get checked!

06, March, 2019Purity Bridge Team

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