Mr Pacifico Lectures in Australia

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, and Director of Purity Bridge, Marc Pacifico has recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, where he was invited to talk at a specialist Aesthetic Breast Plastic Surgery meeting. In addition he was asked to sit on an expert panel to discuss a range of challenging situations to do with breast plastic surgery, with his expertise and opinion sought for a number of cases.

The conference was organised by Mr Graeme Southwick, an internationally renowned plastic surgeon, with whom Marc undertook a specialist aesthetic fellowship in 2008 before taking up his position in the UK as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon. “It was so warm and welcoming in Melbourne, it really felt like coming home,” said Marc. “It was a conference amongst friends and colleagues, with lots of fascinating discussions, interesting talks and insights into varying perspectives on the management of breast plastic surgery conditions”.

An internationally renowned faculty from Canada, the USA, Belgium and Israel joined Marc and his Australian hosts. Marc’s talks were specifically on breast lifting and also on the management of a condition called tuberous breast.

1 Marc Pacifico on an expert panel.jpg (1)marc-pacifico-on-an-expert-panel

A tuberous breast is a description of a particular type of breast shape, where the breast tissue bulges through the nipple, and the breast crease is very high on the chest wall and tight. Unfortunately, women who develop breasts like this are understandably very distressed and self-conscious. Many will not allow their partners to see their breasts, and it affects their self-esteem every day. Mr Pacifico has an expertise in this field, and has published papers in the scientific plastic surgery literature. His talk was well received and his opinion was sought by surgeons at the meeting on their cases in Australia!

The breast lift (mastopexy) talk gave rise to some interesting discussion and comment, with much praise for Mr Pacifico’s surgical results.

On the back of this meeting, he has received invitations to a number of other conferences, however, in his own words: “my first priority is looking after my patients at home, so I will not be able to take up all the invitations, however tempting!”

Purity Bridge Team