What’s it like to have your wisdom teeth removed?

“When I see patients for painful impacted wisdom teeth, the first thing I ask them is whether they have had any antibiotics for infections. Another important part of my assessment is having a good quality digital X-ray so I can assess the roots of the wisdom teeth with respect to the nerve which supplies sensation to the lower lip. Many patients who have their wisdom teeth out can have it done under a local anaesthetic, but I do always also discuss the option of having it done whilst asleep.

It is really up to the patient in many cases and this all forms part of the discussion at the consultation. Many patients ask me how long they are going to be off work for following wisdom teeth surgery and I typically tell them between two to three days. Other side effects that can occur after wisdom teeth removal include obviously some discomfort, some swelling, sometimes bruising and difficulty in opening the jaws which lasts about two or three days. On the whole it is a very successful procedure with a low complication rate and a good recovery.”

Purity Bridge Team