The Purity Bridge Breast Awareness event review

The Purity Bridge team was thrilled to host our annual Breast Awareness Event. This has become a regular fixture in the calendar of many women from the wider Tunbridge Wells area and beyond and its reputation continues to grow


As ever, the evening was a huge success and well attended with standing room only.  With the help of our kind volunteer Ruth, Mr Haresh Devalia, Consultant Breast & Oncoplastic Surgeon demonstrated how to examine your breasts correctly.  He pointed out the signs to lookout for and the changes that can occur if breast cancer develops. He gave a fascinating talk and stunned us all with a relook of an all too familiar Rembrandt painting…who knew that we would be able to diagnose breast cancer in a famous painting so many decades later?


Purity Bridge Consultant Plastic Surgeons, Nora Nugent and Marc Pacifico continued the evening using their expertise to explain the options available to women for post-breast cancer reconstruction, and restorative breast surgery – the options following childbirth or weight loss.


The messages from the evening were clear – check your breasts regularly, take part in screening mammograms when the time comes, and seek help and advice from your GP early if you suspect any changes.

Purity Bridge Team