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Spring into action for the summer

As we put the very cold (and prolonged!) winter we have had behind us and look forward to the sun coming out and the summer months it may cause us to stop and reflect on how we might look on the beach and around the swimming pool. Our expert Consultant Plastic Surgeons frequently see patients who are self conscious about their tummies, particularly their lower tummies, and often, as a result of existing scars. These are often caesarean section scars or sometimes appendix scars.

The challenge with scars is that they tend to tether or stick down to the deeper tissues. This might not be a problem for some but for others it can mean that the slightly looser skin and soft tissue either side of the scar can start to protrude and hang over the scar. This can lead to formation of a shelf or droop of skin, which can be very troubling.

In some situations a scar revision on it’s own might resolve the problem but for most something a little bit more involved might be needed. For both an appendix scar and a caesarean scar this might well be in the form of a mini tummy tuck. The mini tummy tuck still has a scar extending from hip to hip but this is kept very low down within the bikini line. It means that the whole width of any overhang of skin over a scar as well as the scar itself can be removed and very neatly and carefully stitched. With advances in local anaesthetic techniques we can now perform mini tummy tucks with our patients being wide awake in the operating room in the clinic. This means that there is no need to be in hospital and certainly no need to stay the night.

Recovery from mini tummy tucks is far quicker than a full tummy tuck as there is no deeper surgery requiring stitching of the tummy muscles together. A flatter contour that has not got any of the deeper creases caused by those tethered scars can result in a huge confidence boost and very high satisfaction rates.

If you are interested in finding out more about mini tummy tucks and finding out whether you are a suitable candidate please do get in touch.


19, March, 2018Purity Bridge Team

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