So what’s the latest feedback?

Hearing how we are doing is incredibly important to us, as we are always striving to improve and attain higher standards. This is both in the clinical arena as well as the back office, where the Purity Bridge team aim to make your journey as smooth as possible. We ask our patients for feedback as often as possible (which we know can be a nuisance!) but hope everyone understands why.
We take any criticism very seriously and discuss feedback at regular team meetings, but we celebrate positive feedback with the team too. Our monthly opening of the anonymous feedback box is always awaited with anticipation, and this month we thought we’d share a selection of the feedback with you. Here’s what we found:

• “Incredibly thorough care both pre-surgery, during and after care – any questions I had, no matter how many, were always answered and made me feel comfortable and relaxed” [rhinoplasty patient]

• “Fantastic – made me feel really at ease” [breast patient]

• “Everyone has been pleasant and friendly” [non-surgical facial rejuvenation patient – Botox and filler]

• “Bespoke approach from a practitioner with a medical background” [Botox patient]

• “I really appreciated the honesty” [general consultation]

• “Very friendly and got all the answers I needed” [breast patient]

• “What could be improved? I thought about this question for a good 5-minutes or so and I couldn’t think of one single thing – I don’t think there was anything that could be improved. The whole experience was 10/10” [lip lift patient]

• “Very well looked after overall” [facelift patient]

• “Mr Pacifico always made me feel comfortable relaxed and well informed” [rhinoplasty patient]

• “Excellent service, good result” [skin cancer removal patient]

• “Good in-depth conversation – was made to feel at ease” (abdomen and breast patient]

• “Speedy appointment availability and friendly staff” [breast patient]

• “Punctual, informative, friendly and professional” [breast patient]

• “The communication regarding appointment times, hospital arrangements and surgery details was excellent” [male chest reduction]

• “Efficient, calming atmosphere – Mr Pacifico very reassuring with good ideas and truthful and realistic in relation to outcomes” [facial rejuvenation]

• “Staff are always polite and helpful – very caring towards his patients” [skin cancer patient]

• “Very professional and friendly – explained complete procedure” [Thermavein patient (facial thread vein treatment)]

• “Wonderful care and transformation! We could not be more delighted” [filler patient]

We hope everyone who comes to see us can relate to this feedback…but if not, let us know!

Purity Bridge Team