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Skin tag and wart removal without surgery

Most people assume that the only way to have skin lesions removed must be with surgery, or perhaps using laser. However, at Purity Bridge, we have an ingenious piece of technology that can work very effectively using heat.

Thermavein was initially designed to tackle unsightly thread veins on the face, but its capabilities have broadened to removing skin tags, warts, and some other skin lesions too. It does this quickly, and without the need for any anaesthetic.

Thermavein works by generating heat that is directed through a tiny filament that can be used to remove the troublesome skin lesion, leaving a small blemish that fades over time.

It goes without saying that if there is any concern about the skin lesion, one of our expert Consultant Plastic Surgeons is on hand to clinically review it and determine whether an alternative approach is advised. But for many longstanding and unsightly skin lesions, Thermavein is an excellent way of removing them.

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24, March, 2017Purity Bridge Team

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