The Purity Bridge Experience

We wanted to hear from the team about what it was like to work behind the scenes at a busy plastic surgery clinic. We talked to Mariana, clinic coordinator at Purity Bridge, about a typical day at the office…

” A normal day at the office starts with a cup of coffee and a quick update on the clinic, putting together an action plan for the day.

One would think there would be a routine, however once the phone rings your “To Do” list takes a back seat and you put your heart and soul into assisting the voice on the other side.

We all completely understand and recognise that it can take courage to take the first step and phone a plastic surgery clinic about a facial or body concern that you may have had for a long time. The challenge is to turn the anxious and worried voice on the other end of the line into a relaxed smile.

A recent experience still brings butterflies to my tummy.   The call started with a tense and uncertain lady that grew in confidence as we spoke.  Her big 70th birthday was looming in the near future, and a friend recommended us to her.   She anxiously assured me that she was petrified of general anaesthetics and that for this reason, might have made a mistake in contacting us.

I wish I could convey the relief in her voice when I discussed the options available under local anaesthetics.   NO hospitals! She started laughing “I want to do this; I am GOING to do this!   I can’t believe I am doing this!”   Her excitement was infectious and I could not help being excited for her.

She has now booked her first appointment, and allowing me to be part of her excitement changed a notes file into a personality.   I am so excited to have started the journey with her from arranging the appointment, preparing her notes, through her pre-operative appointments, all the way to the very last post-operative appointment in the future.

Thank you to all our patients, past and future.  There is nothing more rewarding than being part of your experience.”

Purity Bridge Team