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The Purity Bridge Mole check evening

mole-close-up-minThursday 26th February saw another Purity Bridge free mole checking event that proved to be as popular as ever. Consultant Plastic Surgeons Nora Nugent, Marc Pacifico and Darryl Coombes between them saw over 30 people who had concerns about moles, skin lesions, lumps and bumps. Whilst they were able to reassure the majority that their skin lesions were not medically worrying and could be removed for cosmetic reasons; they found 3 possible skin cancers on people.

Unfortunately skin cancers are an increasing problem, mostly due to our lifelong accumulated sun exposure. The most common type are basal cell carcinomas, also known as BCCs or rodent ulcers. The good news is that these don’t spread elsewhere in the body. However, if they are not treated (usually by removal under local anaesthetic) they can continue to grow and cause real problems.

Melanomas are the most worrying and sinister types of skin cancer, but are less common than BCCs. These do have the capacity to spread around the body and they need to picked up as early as possible to have a chance of cure.

All our Purity Bridge surgeons are experts in diagnosing and treating skin cancer. In fact, they all participate in the specialist skin cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team, that is made up of surgeons, dermatologists, oncologists and other specialists.

You are therefore in the best of hands when you see any of our Consultants – whether it’s about something that you are worried about, or a skin lesion that you don’t like the look of for cosmetic reasons.

14, March, 2015Purity Bridge Team

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