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The Escalator of Facial Ageing

The Purity Bridge team prides itself on good communication with our patients. One crucial area of discussion and communication is during our consultations focussing on facial ageing. It is important that our experts have a full understanding of what our patients are hoping for, and what their expectations are on all fronts – results, downtime, budget and more.  Managing expectations is key, and ensuring that we have our patients’ goals and safety at heart is really important to us.

Bearing that in mind, there is a wide range of treatments and treatment combinations that we can offer, and the key is to marry up the right treatment at the right time for the right patient. This might be surgical or non-surgical, and might be something delivered as a single treatment, or perhaps as a course of treatments over a time period.

One excellent analogy in considering what one can expect from facial treatments was actually suggested by one of our patients during her consultation. She likened facial ageing to being on a non-stop escalator – you can never get off (unfortunately!), but you can perhaps have different treatments that will allow you to move down some of the steps! How many steps you can move down depends on the treatment choice. And whether you can maintain that position, or slow down the escalator will depend on maintenance treatments – all very true and very visual.

We therefore put together are schematic of the “escalator of facial ageing” which we hope is useful to consider and think about when discussing your treatment options.

A comprehensive facelift will take you down the most steps, but other treatments will also allow you to move down to varying degrees. The number of steps you are able to go down will depend on the invasiveness of the treatment, which usually correlates with the downtime of the treatment. On the flipside, the fewer steps a treatment takes you down, the sooner you will be back to your original position.

We hope this light hearted, but very visual way of considering facial treatments is helpful when you think about treatment options – please let us know if its useful to you – we love feedback!

20, November, 2019Purity Bridge Team

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